Wee joined Rain & Lucky at the start of 2019 and it was the best decision we ever made. The progression in my daughter’s technique and her passion for ballet has flourished under the care and guidance of the incredible teachers. The students have been so welcoming and the community as a whole is caring, fun and friendly. If you’re looking for a studio that genuinely cares about your child and can foster a love for dance then I highly recommend Rain & Lucky.
— KERRY, dance parent

Kids' Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contemporary dance, Drama and Singing classes

Rain & Lucky's goal is to help develop happy, healthy dancers, with excellent grounding in dance technique, the confidence to develop personal artistry and a sense of grace and respect for themselves and the people around them.

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New in 2019: “Pathway” Classical Ballet Extension Program

Pathway is a program designed for dedicated and passionate ballet students who have the potential to take their training to the next level. It is an opportunity to fine-tune and advance technical skills, musicality, artistry and performance skills, and develop a deeper understanding of various aspects of ballet including history, anatomy, terminology and etiquette - all of which contribute to the developing artist as a whole.

In Pathway we:
* create an individual training program based on the needs of the student
* work one-on-one to achieve specific goals
* provide an extra performance opportunity and work with the student to achieve optimum results

If your child dreams of a possible career in dance, dedicated, regular training is crucial from a young age. However, Pathway is not necessarily aimed at producing pre-professional dancers; it teaches the importance of dedication, develops a strong work ethic, provides a unique education, and is a lot of fun!

Download a Pathway information pack here.

Class descriptions: For school-aged kids…

Ballet: Classical, graceful and full of history with a gentle emphasis on self-discipline. Ballet is the perfect technical foundation for all other dance styles, and it is our specialty. Rain & Lucky technique is based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and influenced by many collective years experience dancing professionally in Australia and abroad. Students may choose to work towards RAD exams for even greater progression and achievement. Ballet classes in 2019 will also include a National Character component, teaching various European folk dances used in famous ballets such as Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

R.A.D. Ballet: The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet education. Students will have the option of sitting annual exams which is a fun, challenging way to develop self-discipline and accountability, and provides a huge sense of accomplishment. Students must take at least one additional weekly ballet classes in order to sit RAD exams. Click here for more information.

Contemporary: Contemporary dance originated from ballet technique but is more 'modern' with fewer technical 'rules'. Dancers work barefoot and there is more floor work and articulation of the spine. Dancers explore Movement options are unlimited in contemporary and your child will gain greater spatial and body awareness, improvisation skills and freedom of expression.

Musical Theatre: MT combines acting, singing and dancing into one class. Kids will learn repertoire from classic and popular musicals such as Hairspray, West Side Story, Aladdin, The Lion King and more.

Jazz: Characterised by sharper, more dynamic movement and 'isolations', jazz is usually danced to modern popular (age-appropriate) music. This is a super fun, energetic, confidence-building style. Broadway Jazz is the kind you see in musical theatre and often danced to old-school classics such as Cole Porter.

Tap: Tap is all about rhythm, coordination and fancy footwork. Kids will explore both major styles – Broadway Tap (think 42nd Street) & Rhythm Tap (think Stomp). So much fun and great if you like to make a bit of noise.

Stretch & Conditioning: Improve flexibility and strength with elements of yoga, Pilates and other movement practices. Kids will love seeing how this fast-tracks their technical progression in dance and sports.

Drama: Kids will develop improvisation skills through drama games, explore scripts and characters, and develop confidence in the most fun way. They will also learn stagecraft and the process of putting on a play, culminating in a studio performance.

Singing: A group singing class to strengthen and understand the voice, develop confidence and explore various musical styles.

Class descriptions: For tiny dancers…
“Prelude” Level 1, 2 & 3

Prelude Level 1 - Creative Dance Introduction (2.5-3.5 yrs):
Our focus is on developing confidence in our littlest people, and on coordination, motor skills, rhythm, listening, social skills and the joy of movement! Classes encourage imagination and use storytelling aspects and imagery to get our kids moving and thinking creatively.

Prelude Level 2 - Pre-Ballet (4-5 years):
Children begin to learn more technical elements to prepare them for learning ballet, or any other dance style. The class content leans towards ballet because this is the best foundation to all styles - which makes this class suitable for boys and girls interested in any kind of dance.

Prelude Level 3 - Pre-Ballet + Jazz & Tap (4-5 years*):
Children who have already done Prelude Level 2 can move on to this Combination Class, where they will refine their pre-ballet technique as well as explore both Jazz and Tap dancing on alternating weeks.
* Must be at least 4 years of age by February 1, 2019, or have completed a full year of Level 2.

Which level?

Prelude Level 1:  2.5 yrs up to 4 yrs
Prelude Level 2: 4-5 yrs
Prelude 3: 4-5 yrs with experience. Must be at least 4 years of age by February 1, 2019, or have completed a full year of Level 2.

Cygnets: 5-6 yrs
Starlets: 7-9 yrs
Comets: 10-12 yrs
Supernovas: 13+ yrs

How many classes to take?

2.5-6 years: Once a week is usually plenty at this stage, although keen 5-6 year-olds may like to add an additional Ballet class, or Jazz & Contemporary or Tap, to explore a different way of moving, with fewer of the "rules" of ballet.

7-8 years: One class a week will continue to develop skills and nurture your child's love of dance, but we also encourage an extra weekly class to see even greater progression.

9-12 years: While we still support once-weekly attendance, three or four classes a week are highly recommended to really fast-track your child's progress towards excellence in dance.

Students wishing to sit Royal Academy of Dance examinations must take at least two ballet classes per week, including the RAD Ballet class.