New in 2019: “Pathway” Classical Ballet Extension Program

I would recommend the Pathway program for any dancer looking to take their passion for ballet to the next level. It has further enhanced my daughter’s technique and given her the opportunity to work in small groups and have private tuition with some of the most accomplished and caring teachers she’s ever worked with. This program allows her to spend quality time extending her knowledge and skills and her joy of ballet.
— KERRY, dance parent
The Pathway programme has given our daughter the opportunity to explore ballet in greater depth and with added focus. She has greatly enjoyed the small group sessions and her group have bonded whilst learning and progressing together which has fostered a great environment for her to learn. She has particularly enjoyed the focus and precision of the one-to-ones and each time has come out of the session enthused and motivated to keep progressing.
This is my daughter’s first year in Pathway and she has thrived with the love and care of her teachers. Miss Rain has the most welcoming environment, for my child & our family.

Pathway is a program designed for dedicated and passionate ballet students who have the potential to take their training to the next level. It is an opportunity to fine-tune and advance technical skills, musicality, artistry and performance skills, and develop a deeper understanding of various aspects of ballet including history, anatomy, terminology and etiquette - all of which contribute to the developing artist as a whole.

In Pathway we:
* create an individual training program based on the needs of the student
* work one-on-one to achieve specific goals
* provide an extra performance opportunity and work with the student to achieve optimum results

If your child dreams of a possible career in dance, dedicated, regular training is crucial from a young age. However, Pathway is not necessarily aimed at producing pre-professional dancers; it teaches the importance of dedication, develops a strong work ethic, provides a unique education, and is a lot of fun!

Download a Pathway information pack here.