Rain & Lucky is an incredible, nurturing place full of enthusiastic and inspirational teachers. Miss Rain creates an environment where dancers can grow and fully unfold their potential. Our daughter loves every part of it.
Rain is an incredible teacher. I love how she structures her classes: relaxed, fun and imaginative yet she easily maintains the children’s focus. Rain’s classes are interactive with nature and our environment through dance. Alongside dance, the children are subtly learning spelling, goal setting, working memory, different languages and etiquette of a dance studio in a supportive and encouraging space. Its hard to express how happy I am that We have found Creative Dance with Miss Rain. My daughter learns an astonishing amount each class and, through Rain’s brilliant teaching, she actually remembers it all! I see confidence in my daughter being brought out. But most importantly - she has fun! Every Saturday morning cannot come fast enough for my whole family. We love it!
We are so lucky to go to a ballet school that really does teach with love. Beautiful imagery for instruction, affirming teaching and lovely rituals to bring the students together
We’re so happy with the classes. Luna loves it so much, it’s been the perfect thing for her. Thank you all so much for providing such a warm space for her to learn, freely dance and build confidence in.
A beautifully inclusive dance school which my daughter absolutely loves. The girls and boys are encouraged to do their best without negativity and regardless of natural skill level which will always vary. The young ballet class manages to be a formal ballet lesson, teaching all the required technique, but above all dancing for the fun and love of dance.
My youngest son Gil has been doing ballet for now for two and a half years. It’s a joy to watch him in a class full of girls without any worries about being the only boy. All thanks to his gorgeous, patient and incredible calm teacher - Miss Rain. I highly recommend Rain & Lucky for anyone thinking about finding a kids’ dance class.
My 4 year old attends the creative dance classes and they are delightful; there’s a gentle structure and pace and the teachers are warm and patient and clearly love working with the kids. There’s nothing over the top in terms of performance etc, it’s very focused on the kids and their learning. We absolutely love Rain & Lucky.
My daughter joined the classes with Miss Rain in Term 3. It was a new group and Miss Rain was so nice at training my little one for three classes even if she was the only student. Giulia felt very welcome and is loving the class she then joined. Both Miss Rain and Miss Melissa have been wonderful teachers. Very kind but at the same time professional and inspiring. Thank you
As a dance teacher myself I was very particular about what I wanted in a school for my daughter. She joined Rain and Lucky’s Creative Dance class when she was 2.5. Being the youngest in the class I wasn’t sure how she would go following along, but the class is so fun and so well designed for this age group that she has a ball. Miss Rain is a calm and gentle teacher and manages the requirements of this age group brilliantly. You can see that her own passion for dance is translated into her older students as they perform with such presence and maturity already. Highly recommend this school.
We love coming to class each week at Rain and Lucky for my little one. Miss Rain teaches pitches the classes perfectly for the age group of the class (3-4yo) and delivers her thoughtful content with care and fun! Highly recommend.
Miss Rain has created the perfect balance of celebrating the joy of dance and the discipline required to learn techniques and grow. My daughter loves it so much - it is “proper ballet”, and such good fun. As the saying goes - there are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.
My daughter loves this dance class. A joy to watch them learning and having so much fun!
Rain’s refreshing quality of teaching and choreographic skills are an inspiration to students, who benefit greatly from her well-structured classes. The results are clearly in the students’ understanding of her style and in the joy they demonstrate when they are dancing.
— FREDERIC JAHN, Former Ballet Master of the Paris Opera, now working with Teatro Dell-Opera, Rome
We have just started Ballet with my 3 and a half year old this term. She is loving it and looks forward to class each week. The class encourages listening and teaches ballet positions, poses and movements but most of all is great fun. We love your class, thanks!
Rain is a wonderful teacher; calm and patient with bunch of busy, chatty four year olds. My little one loves her Creative Dance lessons, and Miss Rain, and has learnt not only ballet but important lessons in listening, turn-taking and the benefits of practice and dedication in a fun, relaxed environment. Highly recommended!
I have been so lucky to have started my ballet training from the age of 5 with Miss Rain. She has been such an inspirational mentor, I have always looked up to her passion of dance. She has taught me so much, not only in technique and skills, but how to present myself as a person and as an artist. Miss Rain has helped me understand the importance of each exercise and showed me how beautiful ballet is. Her classes are filled with fun and positive vibes and result in her students becoming inspired dancers with amazing new knowledge!
— KAIA, Student, Melbourne, Australia
Rain has been an asset to our school since the moment she started teaching with us and has an excellent presence with all of our students, no matter their age or technical level. Her outstanding dance ability and knowledge along with her lovely teaching style allows her to encourage and nurture student progress and increase their confidence, level of technique and dance skills.
— AMANDA OAKLEY, Teacher & Admin Support, The Edge Performers School, Melbourne, Australia
Rain’s dedication to the school and students is shown in the results she gets from all students. Rain is extremely hard-working, reliable and responsible. Always presenting great passion in her work and producing excellent results in her students. Rain’s advanced ability in dance and to teach dance make her a great asset to this school.
— GEORGINA SALANITRI, Director of Victorian Ballet School, Melbourne, Australia
She’s a really good teacher, she inspires me. She helps me when I struggle and I want to learn more and more. She’s so nice and good I can’t explain it.
— LILY, Student, Melbourne, Australia
I just wanted to say thanks for all you have done for my girls and their dancing. Dakota certainly improved in her dancing and her technique, thanks to you. Your patience and hard work you put into her solo dance was wonderful. It always bought a tear to my eye when watching her. And the faith you had in her was great. She certainly became a more graceful dancer. The girls will miss you and your kindness, and of course, your dancing.
— JO, Parent of students, Melbourne, Australia
Her classes were both fun and exciting, as well as catering for all levels of students’ technique in the class. I appreciated Rain’s hard work towards preparation and her interest in us growing.
— BELLA, Student, Melbourne, Australia
The dance you taught was by far the best routine I have ever danced to. I loved the flow, continuity and feel of it. I just loved the shape and concept of it as well. I really really hope to be able to attend another workshop of yours one day. All of us Dance Education Centre girls have told everyone how amazing you were.
— ABBEY, Student, Tauranga, New Zealand
As a parent I have found you to be both approachable and responsive with feedback and information if I have ever sought clarification or advice regarding a dance class for my girls. I have also been impressed with the way you conduct the classes and how you interact with the students - they enjoy the classes and learn a lot too. I love the extra encouragement you give the students outside of class and also your professionalism makes you a fantastic role model for all your students.
— LOUISE, Parent of students, Melbourne, Australia
Just would like to say thank you for all you have taught me throughout my training, you always came to come class wanting to help and pass on your passion, even when we didn’t give you much to work with! I always enjoy performing your pieces on stage and the creativity you bring.
— REBECCA, Student, Melbourne, Australia
Growing up, ballet was something I always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity. At 28... I decided I would attend your class at The Edge. It is one of the best decisions I have made. Ballet has not only assisted in developing my technical skills, it has given me so much strength both physically and mentally. I could not believe how much strength I had gained in my legs and core just within the first few months. Regardless of dance level, the way in which you teach makes it very easy for a dancer to understand what is required and the importance of each exercise. You were never judgemental and were always happy to answer any questions. My body self-awareness has immensely improved, along with my placement, and attention to detail. I know that ballet has played a large part in that development. Thank you Rain.
— SUZI, Student, Melbourne, Australia